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Nail Art Double Side Tape Invisible Transparent Nail Tips Self Adhesive Sticker 2 Sheet For Stick Nail Tips 美甲贴 双面胶 隐形胶贴
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- 2 sheet of double side tape
- Self-adhesive, this nail stickers is a convenient way to help decorate your nail
- Suitable for professional use or home use
- Especially for those who are allergic to nail glue or just want a temporary application.
- 24pcs in a sheet, 6 different nail size of sticker
- To remove, soap your finger(s) in warm water, gently move the false nail tip away from your finger.

How to use:
Step1 :Choose a sticker which fits the Artificial nail tip
Step2: Take the sticker out and place it to the artificial nail tip
Step3: Press the sticker to ensure no bubble or gap between the sticker and the artificial nail tip.
Step4: Remove the protection sheet from the sticker.
Step5: Put the artificial nail tip on your finger and press it for about 5 seconds