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Nail Care Manicure Pedicure 8 in 1 Foot Scraper Callus Skin Remove Shaver Razor Set 美甲修甲套装 8合1脚部护理工具
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- Material: PP Plastic& Stainless Steel
- 8 in 1 Set
- For remove foot callus dead skin
- The blades are replaceable
- Suitable for home or professional use.

- Firstly, soak the foot into a warm water to make the dead skin soft.
- Then, start to use the pedicure set.
- Step 1. Add Milk sea salt into warm water,soak the foot around 10 mins. If don't have sea salt,use warm water also can.
- Step2. After soft the dead skin,use the pedicure shaver to remove the dead skin.
- Step 3. Shaver will be more sharp than foot file, need more take care and pay attention to use it.
- Step 4. Then use foot file to buff it
- Step 5. Last,use warm water to clean it and apply lotion.

Set Includes:
1 x Callus Shaver (Perfect callus removal for removing feet callus, corns on toes or foot)
1 x Cuticle Remover (Professional hangnail clipper with fork tip great for removing hangnails and dead skin)
1 x Stainless steel coarse file for a first removing of the hard skin.
1 x Stainless steel fine file for a deeper removing of the dead skin.
1 x Sandpaper file for a gentle and soft foot smooth after callus skin removing.
1 x Nail file for nail polish or regular nail care.
3 x Blades in the small white box
1 x silicone sheet for protecting your fingers when change new blades.

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